UPATE: How We’ll Move In High Park In The Future

Our City Council has approved the High Park Movement Strategy (HPMS) final report and implementation plan which will continue to keep vehicle restrictions in place on Saturdays, Sunday and holiday Mondays. Long term, the goal remains getting to a car-free High Park with the City staff having been given directions to develop a implementation plan on how we can achieve this while continuing to keep the park accessible.  

The HPMS will take a phased approach to changes in the park. The first phase of implementation will involve restricting vehicle access on West Road and a portion of Colborne Lodge Drive to allow for designated spaces that are for pedestrians, cyclists and other modes of active transportation. Vehicles will be able to drive into the park Monday to Friday by entering through Parkside Drive and exiting onto Bloor Street West. Parking spaces will also be available in the park on weekdays. Private vehicle access will be restricted on Saturdays, Sundays and holiday Mondays.  

To learn more on the HPMS, click here.