Marlborough’s, the much-loved stationery store near Bloor and Windermere, has closed after nearly 100 years in business.

Sorry to see it go, but grateful for all the years the store has served the community. It is the oldest store in the village – established in 1922 – so it has been kind of a local institution for generations of people living and working in the area. Always a dependable stationery store, Marlborough’s has also carried art supplies, greeting
cards, educational toys and other useful stuff. Consider the thousands of school projects that
relied on Marlborough’s to get things started (or for that last-minute final touch).

Marlborough’s has always been family-owned and operated. The current owners, Jo-Anne and
David, took over the store in 1997 from family members who bought the store in 1967 from the
founders, the Marlborough’s, who opened up in 1922.

So, on behalf of many villagers, thanks to Jo-Anne and David for many years of great service on
Bloor Street West and best wishes for the future from the BWVRA!

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