Why do I support BWVRA and donate to the Save Our Village campaign? Simply because I love our community and that there is strength in numbers.  One person or family against a developer is overwhelming, both financially and mentally.  However when you have a group, such as BWVRA, along side you, you’re not alone in your desire to have a voice in the process and be an advocate for responsible development in BWV. Tara

The Bloor West Village Residents’ Association continues to do amazing work to provide the healthy tension needed for responsible development in our community and is currently working to raise $60,000 by January to be able to go to mediation to work towards a better development on the Humber Odeon site near Jane and Bloor.“ Krista

“We are pleased to see development in our neighbourhood equating more residents with securing the continued existence of the independent stores in the area.  The scale of building to the west of the South Kingsway is aesthetically appropriate. The proposed replacement to the Humber Cinema is out of proportion to everything east of it. Made all the worst by being on higher ground than the towers to the west.  Not knowing how to influence the scale of the proposed development in our neighbourhood we feel frustrated and are happy to contribute to an organization that is more able to influence the approval process. John

“We have contributed to the Save Our Village campaign to help shape our community in a positive way.  As we are in a condo, we couldn’t show our support through a lawn sign but we gave what we could afford because it was the right thing to do.  Keep up the good work, BWVRA!!  Tom