REVISED: Update on Garden Suites

The Planning and Housing Committee received a Proposals Report submitted by Planning on June 28, 2021. Draft regulations have been proposed including:

– Heights up to 6 meters (~ 20 feet)
– Basements are permitted
– Using up to 40% of the rear yard up to a maximum of 60 sq. metres
– Reduced Soft Landscaping 
– Zero parking

Planning is to use the draft regulations as the basis for further community consultation and technical review. A final report detailing Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments for Garden Suites is to be prepared for a Planning and Housing Committee Meeting in Q4 of 2021 (Oct-Dec).

Awaiting the additional consultation meetings, we would recommend that you read the Proposals Report and review the draft regulations (starts on Page 25/also see Attachment 1).

We will distribute information on the schedule for consultation meetings in the Summer and early Fall  as soon as the City releases information. If your organization would like to meet with the Garden Suites planners, email the Lead Planner
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