The City of Toronto has implemented the following changes for short-term rental operators like Airbnb and, effective June 30 of this year: 

  • Operators will need to post a physical copy of the emergency contact information and exit diagrams prominently in the rental for the duration of the guest’s rental period. 
  • The 40-day registration revocation process will be reduced to a 10-day process. The appeal process will remain to allow operators to provide evidence and information to explain why their registration should not be revoked. 
  • Revised definitions of short-term rental, principal residence and dwelling unit clarify the bylaw and make it easier for operators to understand the regulations.
  • Licensed multi-tenant house operators will be prohibited from applying for a short-term rental registration. 

Changes coming into effect in September 2024 will reportedly strengthen the principal residence requirements, authorize annual inspections and introduce a limit of one registration per dwelling unit. Starting January 2025, the operator registration fees will increase and operators will be required to choose between registering as either an entire-unit operator (i.e. short-term renting entire home) or as a partial-unit operator (i.e. short-term renting only rooms in the home) for the duration of their registration period. 

More information on the bylaw changes and an updated Good Operator Guide are available at For any questions regarding the new rules, please email