Meet The Sustainable6ix!

This dynamic group of young climate activists are on a mission to reduce waste by encouraging local businesses to promote reusable containers and bags for their customers.

Over the past few months, members of the group have been going door-to-door to shops and stories in Bloor West Village, asking local business owners to place a sticker in their windows, indicating that customers are free to bring their own bags, mugs or other containers to carry their purchases, without having to pay to purchase a plastic or paper bag. The group members say they have had a good response from the businesses they’ve talked with over the past few months. They appreciate how the sticker breaks the stigma about asking to put purchased goods in their own containers. The activists feel strongly that this will help create systematic change and a domino effect throughout Toronto.

The Sustainable6ix are one of a number of groups of young activists throughout the Greater Toronto Area who are taking part in Youth Challenge International’s Innovate MY Future program. The program is designed to train young people to be climate action catalysts in their communities and look for ways to educate other youth and the general public about the need for urgent action on climate change and the steps that everyone can take to help create a sustainable environment. The group has already held a successful community workshop on how to make eco-conscious gift choices during the holiday season and looks to be hosting other events in early 2020. The 6ix have also partnered with other activists as part of the Toronto Environmental Alliance to coordinate sticker distributions in other parts of the city, hoping to spark a GTA-wide movement to help reduce waste.

Here in the Village, keep an eye out for this sticker in the door of your favourite local coffee shop or other business. Shopping at these stores will help you reduce waste, save money on packaging and help make Bloor West Village an eco-friendly environment for today’s consumers and future generations.

To learn more about the Sustainable6ix and how you can get involved in their work, please visit their Facebook page at or their Instagram feed at