While Billy Bishop Airport does not fall into our catchment area, residents of Bloor West Village do live fairly close by, and so you may want to share your thoughts on where the airport is headed as passenger traffic grows. The City of Toronto’s Waterfront Secretariat is putting together a report on the Tripartite Agreement and Billy Bishop Airport for the Executive Committee. This report will likely be delivered to the committee in the second quarter of 2024. This is an important issue for the future of Toronto’s Waterfront.

Below is a list of documents that highlight some of the major points regarding these matters. Please consider those documents and other readings in your survey answers. Please note that this survey is anonymous. You do not have to log into your email account and if you’re already signed in, your email address will not be submitted with your answers without your approval in the form.

Please note the survey response date is midnight, April 8th, 2024

Link to a Pictorial Presentation by the Toronto Yacht Club: 

The Toronto Island Airport: Pasts, Present, and Futures (2022-02-02)

A report by Richard Florida and the Creative Class Group:


A response to Richard Florida’s report by Sandford Borins:

Time to Retire Billy Bishop (Airport)

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