Marlborough’s, the much-loved stationery store near Bloor and Windermere, will be closing this
week after nearly 100 years in business.

Sorry to see it go, but grateful for all the years the store has served the community. It is the oldest store in the village – established in 1922 – so it has been kind of a local institution for generations of people living and working in the area. Always a dependable stationery store, Marlborough’s has also carried art supplies, greeting
cards, educational toys and other useful stuff. Consider the thousands of school projects that
relied on Marlborough’s to get things started (or for that last-minute final touch).

Marlborough’s has always been family-owned and operated. The current owners, Jo-Anne and
David, took over the store in 1997 from family members who bought the store in 1967 from the
founders, the Marlborough’s, who opened up in 1922.

So, on behalf of many villagers, thanks to Jo-Anne and David for many years of great service on
Bloor Street West and best wishes for the future from the BWVRA!

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We’re reminded that CaféTO is supporting nearly 1,200 restaurants this season with expanded outdoor dining space in curb lanes and on sidewalks. The have launched a new survey, which will help the City to better support recovery of the restaurant industry, enhance understanding of the appropriate use of public sidewalks and curb lanes, and identify the effects of expanded patios on private properties.

The survey is currently live and will be open until September 19, 2021. You can find the survey at

Outdoor dining features heavily in our neighbourhood and so we encourage all residents of Bloor West Village to complete it to help CaféTO shape the City’s outdoor dining programs and the future of Toronto’s streets, including ours.

The top 5 patios near High Park

The federal election is only two and a half weeks away, with advanced voting taking place next weekend. To make sure you are on the voters list, and to find out where your advanced voting location is, please visit Elections Canada.  

A collection of our ward’s community and environmental organizations (including GreenPac, Parkdale High-Park for Climate Action, Green13, Green Parkdale-Roncesvalles, Roncy Reduces, Safe Rail Communities, the Junction Residents Association and Neighbourhood Energy Solutions) will be hosting an environmental debate on Wednesday September 8, at 6:00 pm. To register, please click here. 

Bill aimed at ensuring safe federal election amid COVID-19 stalled -  National |
Mistakes you are probably making when you make soup - T-fal By Your Side

The Stone Soup Network is now five years old, launching out of Windermere United Church, in Toronto’s Bloor West neighbourhood. It’s provided more than 1,000 gifts of much needed products and services to families and individuals in need, thanks to our local businesses like pharmacies and book stores, who continue to help. Another big milestone this year; their online matching platform has enabled more than $250,000 in donated goods and service to be distributed via their amazing team of non-profit partners.

In honour of their five-year milestone, and in the spirit of the folktale that inspired Stone Soup Network, they are hosting a virtual soup making event the evening of September 22nd, from 6:30 – 8:00 pm. They’ll celebrate where they’ve come from and make some great soup, with one of the new generations of great Canadian chefs, Bashir Munye.

Stone Soup Network is looking for your support, with the purchase of an event ticket, a donation, or perhaps a combination of the two. All support will help them continue this simple, yet powerful, approach to sharing modern abundances.

Event specifics, tickets and donation information can be found here.

The City of Toronto is launching a study called the High Park Movement Strategy to improve the travel network for High Park and better serve park users and the community. The goal of the study is to improve the travel network to better serve park users and the surrounding community, prioritizing safety and accessibility while preserving the park’s ecological integrity. The study will consider the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and other users in the park when it comes to mobility.

The study is in early stages and will be underway by the fall 2021. Over the summer, the City will be retaining a consultant team to support the study, finalizing a work plan, collecting data and conducting background analysis. The study is expected to be complete by summer 2022 with implementation of the preferred solution in 2023.

If you enjoy the park and think about how it can improve, please complete this brief survey here:

It will ask about your typical park visits prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and about your experiences visiting the park over the past year. It will also ask for your feedback on the current weekend road closures and your thoughts on longer-term changes to the travel network serving High Park.  The survey will remain open throughout the summer.

The survey will be followed by a community consultation in the fall.

The Planning and Housing Committee received a Proposals Report submitted by Planning on June 28, 2021. Draft regulations have been proposed including:

– Heights up to 6 meters (~ 20 feet)
– Basements are permitted
– Using up to 40% of the rear yard up to a maximum of 60 sq. metres
– Reduced Soft Landscaping 
– Zero parking

Planning is to use the draft regulations as the basis for further community consultation and technical review. A final report detailing Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments for Garden Suites is to be prepared for a Planning and Housing Committee Meeting in Q4 of 2021 (Oct-Dec).

Awaiting the additional consultation meetings, we would recommend that you read the Proposals Report and review the draft regulations (starts on Page 25/also see Attachment 1).

We will distribute information on the schedule for consultation meetings in the Summer and early Fall  as soon as the City releases information. If your organization would like to meet with the Garden Suites planners, email the Lead Planner
Toronto wants to add garden suites to neighbourhood housing options | The  Star
OSHA Scaffolding Requirements for Construction and General Industry -  Grainger KnowHow

Requirements for automobile and bike parking in newly erected or enlarged buildings are identified in a city-wide zoning by-law.

Back on January 19, 2021, the Planning and Housing Committee asked staff to review these requirements to better align them with the objectives of the City’s Official Plan. The Review is guided by the principle that parking standards should allow only the maximum amount of automobile parking reasonably required for a given use and minimums should be avoided except where necessary to ensure equitable access, such as for accessible parking or in areas which would be difficult to serve with transit.

The Review is expected to conclude by the end of 2021 and will include two rounds of public consultation, planned for early June and September. Through these consultations, Staff will seek the public’s feedback on proposed amendments to parking requirements in the zoning by-law and other related work.

If you are interested in taking part, please visit this link under meetings and invents.

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No doubt, you’ve noticed construction along the Humber River in Etienne Brule park. Here’s more information.

The City of Toronto is replacing the sanitary forcemain (a pressurized sewer pipe that transports wastewater from a lower to higher elevation) through Etienne Brule Park and Home Smith Park, which has reached the end of its life cycle. The existing sanitary forcemain pipe beneath the river is nearly 60 years old and is in danger of failing. This work includes the construction of sewage valve chambers, shaft construction and microtunnelling (an efficient trenchless method for construction of small diameter tunnels) beneath the Humber River. It also involves connecting the new sanitary forcemain outside the existing Baby Point Sewage Pumping Station.

In order to ensure public safety during the construction, the City will be undertaking weekday closures at Etienne Brule Park. The park will be closed (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays) to pedestrians travelling near and through the active construction work zone. This closure will be in effect starting Monday March 15th and is expected to be completed in July of 2021. The construction zone occupies Etienne Brule Park between the Humber River and the Humber Ravine slope and the Humber River Recreational Trail and the park paths are required to move heavy machinery in and out of the construction site. The area of the park off-trail is not maintained and there is not a safe route for pedestrians. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to the residents due to this closure.

This closure will only be in effect on weekdays (Monday to Friday). On weekends (Saturday to Sunday) and holidays, the park will be opened with an access path for pedestrians.

Toronto Hydro warns against power saving device scam - The Globe and Mail

We’ve been advised that Toronto Hydro will be improving the electricity system in our area. The boundaries for the project include Humberside Avenue (North), Dundas Street West (East), Bloor Street West (South), and Clendenan Avenue (West).

Toronto Hydro advised that they expect this work to begin May 2021. More information can be found here.